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A Hot Air Balloon Flight is an awesome way to start the day! As an activity done during sunrise, it’s a great idea for anniversaries and birthdays! Have the wind sweep you over vast landscapes where you can experience panoramic views over valleys, cities or water-bodies.

A Hot Air Balloon Experience is diverse and is popular among a range of celebrations. Most commonly popular for couples to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, it is perfect for a romantic start to the day. Many of the experiences listed on AirShare will include a post-flight breakfast with champagne.

It is a rare experience in that directing the flight path is almost entirely dependent on wind-direction on the day of flight.

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The Great Dividing Range is a long strip of plateaus and low mountain ranges along the (almost) entirety of the eastern coastline of Australia. And by long, we mean 3,700km’s long. It spans almost the entirety of the eastern coastline of Australia and encounters various ebbs and flows, with some truly spectacular sights along the journey. Penetrating through Queensland, NSW and Victoria, the great dividing range is a relatively short distance from many of the major cities in Australia. Due to it’s picturesque nature, many of the hot air balloon experiences in the major cities along the east coast will fly over the mountain ranges.

AirShare has hot air balloon flights in most available cities across Australia. Unfortunately due to weather constraints, experiences in Hobart are not possible.

Do It At The Gold Coast – From $280

The Gold Coast Hinterland is an often-forgotten gem in south-east Queensland. You don’t need to travel far west from the world-class Gold Coast beaches to experience this treasure.

The Gold Coast to Brisbane Hot Air Balloon Experience begins it’s 4 hour journey from Nerang or Canungra. Departing from a wide open field, it heads north-west to glide over the gorgeous Great Dividing Range. Finalising the flight in south Brisbane, the Balloon will land safely in a field to be transporen back
This one is a great hot air balloon experience if you’re based in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and are looking for a unique and awesome start to the morning.

Do It In Sydney – From $279

The Hunter Valley Region blooms westward from Newcastle on the NSW central coast. It boasts beautiful countryside and a litter of internationally acclaimed wineries. As an awesome contrast to the busy Newcastle city and Nobbys Beach, the hinterland of the Hunter Valley is rich in colour and vibrance. It’s particular special on sunrise and sunset, and that’s why we highly recommend an early morning hot air balloon flight if you’re around the area!

The Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon Trip is one of the most beautiful scenic experiences on the central coast. After a magical hour long flight through vast landscapes lit by the morning sunrise, you’ll be transported to the Hunter Valley Crowne Plaza for a buffet breakfast with champagne. This is a special one, and at just $279 per person, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better hot air balloon flight for such a low price!

Do It In Melbourne – From $480

The Melbourne Hot Air Balloon Flight is particularly special as it is the only hot air balloon flight which hovers over the city. Departing from The Pullman, this takes you on an hour long trip over the city and surrounding suburbs.

Do It In Canberra – From $380

Canberra is often referred to as the hot air ballooning capital of Australia, and hence has some fantastic experiences on offer. With a long history as the host of the internationally famous Canberra Balloon Spectacular, enthusiasts flock from around the world to see the great spectacle.

The Canberra Balloon Tour is a brilliant hour long flight which departs from Old Parliament House. Taking in the sights of the Australian Capital, you’ll be taken over Lake Burley Griffin.

Do It In Cairns – From $206

The Cairns Hot Air Balloon Experience over the Atherton Tablelands is a fantastic value flight for those in the northern end of Queensland. It’s a cheap flight for just $206 per person with character aplenty. Taking off from Mareeba, you’ll slowly hover upward and south toward the famous rainforest where you’ll encounter dense bush land and waterfalls. The Atherton Tablelands is famous for it’s exquisite flora and fauna in the North Queensland hinterland and this flight is the perfect way to experience it.

Do It In Alice Springs – From $295

Do It In The Barossa Valley – From $300

Do It In Perth – From $300


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